The SAT features a heavy focus on text analysis and an emphasis on the key Math and English skills necessary for success in college. In response to the recent changes to the SAT test, ACI Institute has crafted new tests and strategy lessons to best prepare students for the challenges of the SAT. Our experienced teachers and comprehensive materials have helped our students achieve phenomenal results, with over 90% increasing their scores significantly.

SAT Writing

The essay component of the SAT is perhaps the most difficult aspect of the redesigned test, requiring an intensive level of analysis and composition. Our classes direct students step by step through the reading comprehension techniques and rhetorical strategies necessary for top scores on the essay. Though the essay section of the SAT is now “optional,” it is actually required by many top colleges including all UC’s.


In our PSAT Program, middle school and high school students (7th to 10th grade) encounter a challenging regimen of academic vocabulary, useful grammar, in-depth reading, and critical writing, preparing them for the state’s Common Core testing, the PSAT, and other critical academic challenges ahead.


The ACT is a challenging test of students’ time management and endurance, one that demands smart, targeted preparation. We offer focused, experienced, and rigorous practice and coaching so that students can master every section and earn scores to impress.

English Enrichment Program

Through comprehensive weekly lessons in vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, writing, critical thinking and good study habits, our friendly EEP instructors help elementary and middle school students (3rd to 7th grade) build a strong English foundation.


Math classes at ACI Institute in Diamond Bar are a great way to stay ahead of the curve! Our classes follow the local schools’ curriculum, including the new Common Core Initiative, while encouraging students to work at a faster pace to get ahead of their peers.

Writer’s Workshop

Through the study of grammar and academic and creative writing methods aligned with the Common Core, ACI Institute’s Writer’s Workshop classes give students the extra help they need to gain mastery over written expression. Our writing teachers add a personal touch, inspiring students’ love for writing.


English-language learners get the opportunity to experience key components of language acquisition, such as phonics, reading comprehension, listening ability, and conversational skills. In our English-only classrooms, students venture out of their comfort zones and develop fluency in English.