What Makes Us Unique

Research & Development Headquarters

At the heart of ACI Institute: Diamond Bar, is the research and development that goes into crafting our unique lesson plans and original standardized test content. Under the guidance of Director Diane Sartor, administrative policies are set, teachers are trained, and research is conducted into the latest developments in standardized tests and educational trends.


Dedicated Curriculum Team

Using dozens of real tests as a foundation, our in-house team of curriculum experts create challenging original materials for use in the classroom. From writing and reading to mathematics and grammar, we devise the best exercises to test and teach fundamental test taking skills and strategies to prepare for the common core and other standardized tests.

Local Expertise

At ACI Institute: Diamond Bar, we have broad as well as specific knowledge of our local school districts. We work closely with area schools and can give our students the best advice about which schools to choose, which classes to take, and even which teachers provide the most rewarding education.

Cutting-edge Technology

All of our classrooms are equipped with smart-board technology, helping teachers bring the lessons to life and increasing interactivity within the class. Students respond well to the twenty-first century approach and are more eager to engage with their exercises.

Personalized Motivation & Goal Setting

With over twenty-five years of experience helping young people get into college and achieve their dreams, we understand that each student has a different path to follow and requires the individual attention of our directors, counselors, teachers, and staff. We never hesitate to lead the way.

Classes for Every Level of Student

While some test prep companies may focus only on high school students, we believe in preparing students at every level. Good study habits and fundamental skills need to be learned in grade school or middle school for students to achieve the best results. We offer classes of various levels based on age and ability, including classes for those who are just beginning to learn English.

Innovative Approach

Our teachers inject their unique characters into each class, teaching lessons in a variety of ways that keeps the class active and inspired. From the competitive strategies of gamification to brain-enhancing projects like our Memory-Flash Vocab system, we are always seeking new and better ways to educate the next generation of students.